RC Toys Simulator
  Posting Date : 2022-05-29 14:54:55

Detailed Product Description

Detailed Product Description: name:RC Toys Simulator Packing:Packing:8pcs/ctn CTN SIZE:51*31*67CM G.W.:9kg N.W Recommended system requirements: -100% Pentium IV or AMD 64 compatible processor with at least 1600Mhz -256MB RAM -CD-ROM drive -OpenGL compatible graphic card with at least 128MB Pleaser note: On a system with only minimum system requirements,the performance strongly depends on the currently loaded model and scenery. Minimum system requirements: -100% Pentium III or AMD Athlon/64 compatible processor with at least 800Mhz -128MB RAM -1GB free hard disc memory -CD-ROM drive -Open GL compatible graphic card with at least 64MB -100% DirectX compatible sound card -Windows ME /2000/XP with DirectX version -9.0b or highter -A free USB port and a trainer output on your transmitter

Contact Information
Address: 7/F, Building7, Tian'an Nanyou Industrial Area, Dengliang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China
WebSite: http://www.china-rc-toys.com