1/10th Sacle Electric Powered Off Road Crawler
  Posting Date : 2022-05-29 15:06:49

Detailed Product Description

Detailed Product Description: name:1/10th Sacle Electric Powered Off-Road Crawler length:430mm width:258mm wheelbase:308mm weight:2kg motor:RC540 wheel diameter:126*56mm wheel width:56mm battery:7.2V 2000mAH height:200mm(body excluded) gear ratio:1:48(L) features: 1.High quality knobby off-road climbing tires. 2.The perfect design enable the Crawler to climb over the most challenging rugged terrain . 3.Battery are well fixed with plate set ,no failing off and easy to take out. 4.Chrome plated Wheel Secure Cover is fixed by 14 screws enable the Tire and Wheel rim are not seperated during high speed running. 5.Suitable for all terrains indoor&Outdoor,such as living room,a yard.etc. 6.Single motor driven system. 7.Aluminum solid side Links. 8.Compact front/rear bumper provides protecting against impacts. 9.Aluminum oil filled shock absorber. 10.The Car is equipped with lots of metal parts to keep the construction solidly.

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